Emilia – Halloween2014

Did it ever happen to you one morning, when you got up and an unfinished dream is still lingering in the back of your mind, like a shadow growing from your unconscious mind, following you misty through your day?

I am sure it happens to most of us.

Since a few years, the wondrous ‘genetic footprint’ is revealing worlds of knowledge and delivering explanations  which our ancestors never would have dreamt of.  Suddenly, with the help of this genetic footprint, we can fathom the dimension of to how our world is connected.

Now, coming back to the dreams which develop from our unconscious mind, and playfully tease us to search for answers and explanations to make them fit into our ‘real’ world. Are you following me?

I have eight gorgeous grandchildren, whom I love and adore equally. And, there is a psychiatrist called C.G. Jung, who once not only studied with Sigmund Freud, but also had shared a flat with him. I remember reading at one point, that there seemed to have even been a homosexual relationship between them. True or not, don’t let this concern us because the point I will be making is entirely independent from the fact of their relationship.

This morning, when I woke up longing for my first cup of coffee to face the mundane duties of my day, a word, or rather a name, jumped into my mind and left me wondering. ‘Emilchen’. My late grandfather, who has died many, many years ago, used to call me his ‘Emilchen’.  The explanation then given by my mother, for him calling me so, was that he always wanted his first grandchild to be a boy, obviously born out of disappointment that his first and only child had been a daughter. Being familiar with the needs, hardships and times he grew up with, for me reasonable enough.

When the name ‘Emilia’ was given to my granddaughter, I never consciously saw a relation between my grandfather calling me this name and with me calling my granddaughter ‘Emilchen’ from the first moment I saw her. My daughter-in-law once asked me bluntly: ‘Are you calling her Emielchen (the female and diminuitive form of the name Emilia, emphasised on the ‘i’ in the middle), or are you meaning ‘Emilchen’, emphasised on the ‘E’ at the beginning (like in Emil, the male name)?’ This triggered a question in my subconscious at the time but did not really lead to a satisfying answer.

Years later, after my son having sent me uncountable pictures and video clips of his little gem Emilia,  I finally woke up with an explanation, this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee, why things are happening like they are:  everything has a reason and everything is connected.

Heathen myths tell me that everything in the universe is connected and that each and every single living being is the sum of all that has been before them. Like the ‘genetic footprint’, which I have mentioned before, there must be a connection between the subconscious minds over aeons. Scientists all over the world still are pulling their hair out during marathon discussions over written treatises whether the human ‘soul’ does exist as such, or not, once the material body has returned to dust and ashes. I am convinced it does.

Freud and Jung divided on that, amongst other things.

Now, who am I to question science and scholars? But, when I look at our Emilia, I can see things others cannot see. Things I have heard or seen as a child, things I feel when I close my eyes and recall family members which are long dead since. Don’t they say that when you get older, the veil between the worlds gets thinner?  It does for me now.  Emilchen proves it to me – the sum of all those before us in her eyes.



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2 responses to “Emilia – Halloween2014

  1. I’ve pondered this issue many times. . . why for example are some of us born with a fear of snakes or spiders and others aren’t? The child in the womb has no experience of these creatures and yet these fears follow some of us throughout our lives . . . as if they’re programmed . . . as might be the case where the fear is learned in this existence . . but where the fear hasn’t been programmed during our childhood?? Then it must be inherited . . and if inherited, the chain of inheritance is probably quite long since it’s likely to have been quite a few generations since any of our familial predecessors were exposed to snakes and dangerous spiders . . . and if dna coding is the only means by which we inherit then it must be a little bit more complex than has been so far discovered . . . of course there may be other means of transmission, since we don’t know what we don’t know . . . . Frank Herbert’s Dune series deals with this question – in his own complex fashion – and has many characters who develop the ability to access (and more) the memories of their forebears . . . .We’ve still got much to learn . . . .


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