Why I am writing

In August 2013 my first book HEXE has been published and now is available on Amazon.com, authorhouse.com and Barnes and Noble.com.
I am German, living in the U.K. since 12 years. I have chosen English as language of choice to write this book, as it seemed to be the most neutral language to write a passionate story about the aftermath of WW2. With the help of my brilliant editor, Christine Rayner, who adjusted my German accent to the English language, my book became a piece of art I am proud of.
During my childhood, growing up 8 years after the Great War in Germany, I always felt I carried the burden of ‘collective guilt’ – if such thing is possible at all -, branded by the world for belonging to a people who had been held responsible for the Nazi regime to rise. Now, at the age of 60, I have come to terms with who I am and where I belong to. I am a German Heathen and my book is about reaching out, helping to make people understand that prejudice against a people can destroy individuals and is painful. There are systems of deceit which make it impossible for individuals to identify themselves with but, nonetheless, which they have to live with in the process of trying to stay alive. I am writing my second book now, possessed by the thought that I, as a writer and a woman, have to find words to describe what people drives to follow into abysses their leaders drive them to. Not an easy task, but one that I take most serious. I would be grateful, if you would kindly leave a review after reading my book. As a writer I depend on feedback. Silence is much worse than negative critique


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