Amazon Review Crisis Update: News and some advice


five-star25In the last few weeks I have read several articles in newspapers and in magazines such as “The New Scientist” and “The Economist” about the Fake Review Crisis.

It appears not only  Amazon is taking off the gloves but Trip amazAdvisor and other sites are, too, and this is now becoming something of a wider issue beyond book reviews.

The sites in question are (quite justifyably) worried about the value of their review systems and their credibility, due to the amount of bogus reviews.  images (8)
I agree that it is in everyone’s interest that there is integrity in reviews. Consumers should not be misled.

In the trials against the paid 5 star fiverr reviewers it has emerged that Amazon has used In spite of her assertions to the contrary, Amazon insists that Imy is a personal friend of an author whose book she tried to review, but the site won't disclose how it came to this conclusion.sting operations and fake author personas / profiles to infiltrate the indie author circles. So no doubt, it has caught some actual bad guys.

Yet, desperate websites should not…

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