My review of Uvi Poznanski’s ‘The Music is Us’

An extraordinary book of the finest art of writing:

After having read ‘Rise to Power’ and ‘Apart from Love’ by Uvi Poznanski, I downloaded ‘The Music of Us’ on my Kindle and felt drawn into this extraordinary story by Uvi’s fine art of filigrane word-forging, filigrane and yet powerful at the same time.
‘The Music of Us’ touches me deeply as I get involved in this story of human hearts where Lenny, a soldier, deeply loves Natasha, a gifted pianist – two people who could not be more different. I follow them both through their times of changes from WWI until into the late 70ies.
The frame and circumstances of their story, however, are of secondary importance to me. What strikes my chords is how Uvi describes the feelings and reflections of Lenny and Natasha both, living with Alzheimer’s disease and how this affects their lives and love for one another. While Natasha’s memory is being eaten away by Alzheimer’s, Lenny’s memory is journeying back into their past synchronously.
While reading their stoy, several times I felt heart ache, tears dwelling, breathlessness and contracting a deep love for both, Lenny and Natasha.
Uvi Poznanski’s writing style is unusual. She is an extraordinary writer. She uses words so masterfully, thus creating an atmosphere where the reader is spellbound by the most vivid contemplation about life and love and the human heart.
I strongly recommend this book to readers who are looking for much more than the usual, merely entertaining read. Uvi’s books are the kind which stay with you because her words awaken your soul.



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2 responses to “My review of Uvi Poznanski’s ‘The Music is Us’

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  2. Such a great book. Wonderful review 🙂


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