The Black Eagle Inn by C. Fischer (Bookreview by Skadi Winter)

I am following this author’s novels since I’ve first read ‘The Luck of the Weissensteiners’. I like his open and unbiased approach to bring more controversial socio-historical and/or socio-cultural aspects of life into the open. When I bought ‘The Black Eagle Inn’, I expected a story in this fashion and was not disappointed.
The story presents a Bavarian family, wealthy farm- and inn owners, who are taking the reader on a journey through spectacular and grave political changes through a country ravaged by totalitarism, racism and war, until into the early 70ies. Anna, the matriarch of the family, a somewhat bone-headed but nonetheless clever farm-woman, who rules the family since her early childhood, has built an empire in this rural Bavarian area based on her inheritance. She manipulates and tries to direct her family members. They, in turn, are offering conspiracy, greed, and even murder thus shaking Anna’s world and involving her in schemes which are taking on a life of their own.
Christoph Fischer has taken on a task to cover an enormous timespan, very well researched. Maybe for that reason, his characters seem to me like actors on a stage and more like in a photograph, which makes it hard sometimes to connect with them. I would have liked a bit more passion and heart in them, like in real life. For this reason, the book leaves me a bit unsure of the human face behind the characters. A certainly different take on a period of time full of extreme political and social changes in Germany. A book, which makes the reader reflect for himself which currents and dynamics to follow in their own life. A book above the intent to teach a mere history lessen. For me a reminder that times, although they are changing on the long run, always are depending on which choices the individual is making in life. I recommend all of Christoph Fischer’s books.


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