The Seanachie by Gerry McCullogh (Bookreview by Skadi Winter)

Gerry McCullough – what can I say? Old Seamus – the old Irish man, a clay pipe and a drink in his hands, wrinkles and white hair, the Seanachie, the storyteller. Donegal – I’ve never been there but, believe me, Gerry takes you there! The Irish, engulfed in an air of Celtic spirit and heritage, have found a true representative of their storytelling culture in Gerry McCullough!. I am German and an avid reader (of course), used to literature of Goethe, Schiller, Tolstoy, Shakespeare …and all 🙂 Reading old Seamus’ stories just take me by the hand and teach me what life is all about. Gerry’s language and imagination is heart warming, vivid, funny, at times sad – just as Irish history and storytelling is. Old Seamus ‘doesn’t allow to be ordered around or to be told what to do. He has his own ideas about right and wrong’. Isn’t that a characteristic we all carry within us? And the narrator Jamie, so much enjoying his ‘time-out’ from his busy city job, isn’t he one who slumbers in the heart and desire of all of us? Jamie is me, is us readers, listening to stories of wit, heart and a time long gone by. Times of fairies, leprechauns, mist, waves of the Atlantic crushing against the Irish coast – times of storytelling. Irish great story telling. I’ve read the first book about Seamus in one night – believe it or not! Gerry McCullough is just what the reader expects of an Irish writer – a wink from old Seamus, Old Seamus and Jamie make me smile, make me feel cosy, make me feel the great Irish spirit of writers. Gerry, I’m so glad I’ve found your books. Donegal is one place I’d love to go to! I’m sure, I’ll find some old Seamus’s there. Write on!

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