Review Ludwika by Christoph Fischer

Heart still pounding, where do I start? I have already read The Luck of the Weissensteiners’ and ‘The Black Eagle Inn’ as well as ‘Sebastian’. Christoph Fischer fascinates me, not only by his very exact and meticulous research but also by his sense for the intensity and multidimensionality of women’s suffering; women’s experienced emotions while sacrificing themselves for their family and children.
Ludwika, one of approximately 12 million forced slave labourers during and shortly after WWII, contributing to the wealth of still existing companies like Siemens or the Deutsche Bank, for example; a beautiful, practical thinking young Polish woman. Beautiful as she was, she soon attracts the attention of an SS officer. During a time where it was essential for surviving to be rather invisible. Her father was MIA while the Polish troops were defeated and disarmed, leaving her with her mother, sister Stasia and daughter Irena to fend for themselves. They ‘had to work the farm on their own now, which they did with dedication and a sense of duty for their family and country’. A long journey follows, at first being protected by a German SS officer, over wearing the “P” for Polish slave workers under German economic exploitation, finding love and losing loved ones, always following her sense of practicality and willing to sacrifice herself, never giving up. I don’t want to give a summary of the book. Read for yourself. Ludwika, a young, innocent woman, trying to deal with what she sees. Christoph Fischer, a writer who has the emotional ability to process a woman’s suffering. Well researched events. A story of ever-repeating suffering during wars. Suffering beyond comprehension. Witnessing atrocities and still, the will to survive. Kudos to Christoph Fischer. A remarkable writer who does not let us forget. Christoph Fischer, it sees to me, is seriously attempting to help us understand that wars are a disaster. Destructive. But, he is also giving hope to those who endured and witnessed. Christoph Fischer, an extraordinary writer. We all feel and experience the world in different ways. Christoph Fischer writes to make us understand suffering.
I have received the book with a signature during a book fair. How grateful I am.



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  2. Thank you so much for this great review 🙂

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  3. Rachel

    I’m reading it now and it is a fabulously told story! Great review

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    Thanks Skadi Winter for this amazing review of Ludwika

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  5. What a great review! Can’t wait to read this book.


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