Social circumstances we are born into influence our free will

I have received DJ Kelly’s book ‘Running with Crows’ during the Kensington Book Fair in exchange for an honest review. Being German, I had never heard about the ‘Black&Tans’ before. I have always been interested in the history of the Irish struggle for independence. DJ Kelly’s book has gripped me from her ‘Foreword’ on; from the first few lines of the first chapter, I could not put the book down. It is fascinating how the writer combines meticulously researched historical facts with the aspect of human tragedy, shows how we, in our character, are being formed and constructed, manipulated and used by the social circumstances we are born into.
The writer takes you breathtakingly to places in history where you learn how the greatest atrocities and cruelties are performed by members of so called ‘civilized nations’. I don’t want to give a summary of the book, read it!
DJ Kelly took me to places where I found myself struggling with tears; history never can teach us more than by engaging our heart and soul. Only when we are willing to go to dark places and learn that good and evil are two sides of our human existance, right and wrong are dependent on the perspective of where one stands – only then, we are capable of understanding historical concepts of causal relation.
I went the journey of Mitch while reading this book and, believe me, this journey will stay in my memory for long.
DJ Kelly – powerful language, meticulously researched historical facts, psychological insight into human nature, a book and a writer which I strongly recommend to those who are interested in learning from history to contribute to a better world.


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