Why I am writing. Why are you?

Life throws a lot as us. The three Norns are spinning, smiling and grinning and the Gods are amused. We think we are so important. But, just look around, look at the world, we are not.  My father is terminally ill, I’m living as a ‘foreigner’ in another country; wars everywhere. Flooding in the North of England. I don’t even watch the news any more, only occasionally. It just gets me down.

I’m writing. Why? When we grow up, most of us have a dream, or a wish about how we would like our life to be. I always wanted to write, since my early childhood. When I wrote my first short story, I’d read it to my mother at night, in bed. She was so patient and approving of my wildest imaginations – she’s dead a long time, but her amused smile still is in my heart.

Then, life threw at me – or rather threw up on me. Married to an Iranian husband, bringing up four boys (great ones, thinking of it), working, building a house and travelling around the world. What’s left: 10 grandchildren, daughter-in-laws from different nations; times and we all are changing.  In different ways, that’s why we want to break out, not just being functioning any more, living the dream before it’s too late. So, that’s it. I’m writing now. And writing and writing. Living my dream before it is too late.

What I want to say is, to writers like me, do it! Write if you think that this is what you want to do. Bestsellers? I don’t care, to be honest. Looking at best-seller lists, I doubt it’s worth to be on there. I’m shit with PR; it just takes too much of my time and money which I don’t have. I rely on reviews and trust my readers. I don’t make money with my writing, not even covering the costs for editing, printing, and all. So what? Living a dream is all worth it, don’t you think? And, you know what? I think, I’m good.  Got lots to say. Being German post WWII generation; SS military in my family. Socialist mother. Having lived in different countries, having met great people, women of different cultures and religions. Having great, great friends everywhere (thanks to this internet). And, last but not least, having grandchildren growing up in this world, telling them good-night-stories. Their eyes, their holding  on to my hands, their sighing and sleeping peacefully after – what more is there to live for?

Look, most of my books I give away for free. It’s the reading of my words I want. I’m thinking of Tolstoy, Dostojewsky, Hemingway and Goethe. Did they care about bestseller lists? Did they have internet? No, their words travelled, inspired, soothed, made think. Their words have touched people’s hearts and mind. Oh no! I’m not comparing myself to those great ones. All I want to say is: Write and write good. And, always think who you are writing for: the readers of this world!

Read my books, leave a review (which helps me sell, of course). Hold on to and live your dreams. We all have but one life. It’s a different world now, it always changes, but, at the end, it will be written words that teach us how to survive, to dream, to write, to come to terms with what life will throw at us.  And written words will feed our souls and hearts. Always.

Writers write! Readers read!















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