Ben – Living With a Blind Dog

Ben, my companion of 9 years, my friend, my follower, my joy, is blind since 4 weeks now. He still is bumping into everything. Yesterday, I took him off the lead in a field where we are taking the dogs  since 9 years. There was ONE tree in his way and he heavily bumped into it. He got up, shook himself, and carried on. That’s dogs. They live in the moment, deal with it and carry on.

As his total blindness came suddenly, he needs some time to cope, to adjust. Some dog owners are telling me: He will be fine. Dogs are amazing. They’ll adjust. Well, let me tell you, one dog is different from the other, just like us humans. Ben is not doing well.

He seems to have forgotten day and night rhythm. At 3 o’clock, usually, he starts crying. Is it desparation, is it fear, is it to be comforted? One of us, usually my Eric, is going downstairs bringing him up to the bedroom. There, he lies behind the door, is content and sleeps until 7 o’clock or so.

I have 3 dogs, 2 girls and him. I’ve noticed, the girls growl at him, snatch his treats and food and today I ‘ve seen one of them laying on his place, growling when he wanted to go to his bed. I told her off, of course. They say, there is a dog’s world and our human thinking. But what am I to do? I don’t want him to be constantly intimidated.

My Ben has been a proud dog, great in his posture – just a beautiful dog. Now, he is timid, trying to adjust, making himself small. Trying to please his 2 girls living with him, and us.

They are great in the field, outdoors, barking off any dog coming near him.Especially Molly. But, indoors, they are reducing him to a timid, frightened dog. How can I change tha withot breaking the girls? It is heart breaking and hard. How much can I interfere without breaking the dog’s world rules? It is all so hard.

There is more to life than dogs, some say. But, living with dogs, it is a life! My life and Ben’s. I am responsible for him, he is my friend and companion. I will not let him down!

I know, there are many bad issues for many in the world. But, Ben is my dog and I love him. I’ve shared so much wih him. I am exhausted, so is my Eric. We will never give up on him.

I love Cocker Spaniels. I love all creatures on this earth; but the issue with Ben is breaking my heart. His innocence, his trying to cope and  his efforts to still wanting to please us, it is hard, believe me.

The vet gave us tranqilizers. I’m not using them yet as I know they will make him addicted. I will just wait, and see, how much I can take withou sleep.  And my Eric, who has to get up at 6 to go to work.







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